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Who We Are

Who We Are?There’s no place where you can shop, have coffee with light refreshments, and relax all I one.

Confidently Yours Boutique is a boutique like no other. We offer services that other boutiques do not. Not only do we cater to our customers but we make sure that they receive an experience like no other.

Confidently Yours offer several services inside this ONE boutique. Our main focus is to make sure that our customers is treated like ROYALTY.

Serenity House Café:

Inside of Confidently Yours we have a café that is called the Serenity House Café. In the café we have pub style tables and chairs as well as a lounge sofa where you can come in purchase a coffee or cappuccino as well as a Danish or pastry and relax away from the world. There’s nothing like being able to relax away from the world and shop in peace.


Like no other boutique around, Confidently Yours offer make-up services via appointments. Our makeup artists use premium quality makeup essentials. Products as in Fenty Beauty, Mac, Anastasia, and many more. Just to name a few. These professionals are able to perform looks from natural to dramatic. Rather you’re looking for something very soft for your day or something for an after 5ish event. You name it, they create it.

Image/Fashion Consultant & Personal Stylist

If you’re lost. Don’t know what style suit you or matches your personality, we have certified image consultants available to tailor your look. Our highly trained staff will help you not only discover the image on the outside of you but how to reverence what’s on the inside as well. The parts of you that no one sees. From selecting the proper shapewear to wearing the proper bras. They will also give you insight on the best type of hair style, makeup, and colors that suits your skin tone as well as body structure correctly. These onsite fashion professionals are here to make sure you get the best out of YOU. Just inquire about our service via email and one of our professionals will be assigned to you. We’ll get you in for a consultation.

Fashion Shows & Vending Events:

Our pieces have been featured in many fashion shows around the city of Orlando. We are open to being apart of runway fashion shows as well as vending events. We travel locally as well as in the U.S. See our runway section for pictures of our previous runway shows. For more information about us becoming apart of a fashion show or contacting us for a vending event, email us at:

V.I.P Clients:

There are perks in becoming a V.I.P client. Our V.I.P clients are the first to know of new arrivals and have private V.I.P viewing with the leisure of private fashion shows.

To become a V.I.P, those are the customers that spend $200.00 or more. There are three levels in our V.I.P tier. We have:

· Gold: These clients are the one who spend at least $200.00 each time they shop. They receive a 10% off each time they shop with us.

· Platinum: These clients are the ones who spend at least $300.00 each time they shop with us and they receive a 20% off each time they shop.

· Black: These are our premium clients. These clients spend at least $500.00 or more each time the shop. Also, with this level, clients get private viewing any time of the week and a free coffee each time they shop.

Private Events:

Want to host a small private event at our facility? We rent out our facility for events that cater to a small number with the maximum capacity of 25 people.

What comes with renting the facility for a day?

· There will be staff to do the cleaning after the event is over.

· Your rental fee covers the insurance of the facility.

· The tables and chairs come with it.

· You have access to our stage area.

In renting out our facility, we have reasonable fees and different packages tailored for your needs. Contact us via email for more information on that.

“Where Beauty Meets Elegance”

Confidently Yours is not just any boutique that you enter and shop from then leave. There’s a uniqueness about this place. You’ll feel the relaxed ambience from the time you enter until the time you exit our place.. Our motto is, “Where Beauty Meets Elegance”. That’s the feel you get when entering into this place. We don’t want you to feel like you’re just walking into any store and shopping, but you’re walking into ROYALTY and you’re being treated as such.

The owner Dr. Cynthia Roberts vision for Confidently Yours was that it be a place that a woman comes and adorn herself. Not just come and shop then leave. She wants a place where a woman can come and relax and let her hair down. Just come and be herself. Discover herself.

There’s no other place I'd rather visit than a place where I can simply be myself and no one’s judging. Shop Confidently Your Boutique, let us tailor your shopping experience!


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